PČ 16.kārta


Situācija mainās pa dienām pasaules čempionātā, un īsti vēl nevar paredzēt, kurš būs pasaules čempions. Ir zināms, ka tikai Arnauds Kordjērs un Angels Rafaels Mejia spēs to noteikt, nospēlējot ar kādu no kandidātiem neizšķirti. Bet tikmmēr vakardien bija brīvdiena un visi spēlētāji varēja atpūsties.

Šodien atkal turpinājās spēles. Viktorija Motričko tomēr nespēja uzvarēt Miju Plestīti no Lietuvas. Tagad Darjai Tkačenko var arī pietikt ar vienu uzvaru, jo Viktorijai divas spēcīgas pretinieces atlikušajās spēlēs. Lisa Šoltensa uzvarēja Jūliju Makarenkovu un izvirzījās trešajā vietā.

Info: KNDF

After yesterday’s rest day, there were still four rounds to play at the World Championships in Curaçao. Starting with round 16, followed by rounds 17, 18 and 19 (coincidentally also in that order). Now on to the games, but first a quick summary of who the followers see as the biggest contender for the world title:

an Groenendijk is clearly the favourite: 1 in 3 participants consider him to have the best chance of winning the world title. A quarter of the participants think that Yurii Anikeev , the early classification leader, has the best chance. And three experts see Martijn van IJzendoorn as the main candidate for the title. According to the participants, there are no other contenders left.

In round 16, the two title favorites played against each other. The opening was interesting, then it leveled off a bit and after 40 moves the peace was signed. The tournament will therefore remain extremely exciting. Also because Martijn did what he had to do: beat Mijail Eisden. Martijn had correctly calculated that Eisden had to sacrifice a checker when the classical positions collapsed. He immediately gave that disc back to continue with an offering to which Eisden no longer had an answer. With an equal number of match points in the final result, Jan currently has the best credentials due to his win over Sven Winkel (see the explanation in the commentary for this game).

Wouter Sipma also won, against Carlos Lorevil, and goes to a solid +4, the same number of points as Martijn and Jitse Slump – draw against Artem Ivanov. Martin Dolfing wiped the floor with Arnaud Cordier, who is having a difficult time in the final phase of the tournament. Martin is once again one point ahead of Kees Thijssen, who was bitten by Angel Rafael Mejia’s tough defense.

Among the women, Darya Tkachenko (win over closing star Galina Petukhova) lost a point to Viktoriya Motrichko (draw against (Myja Plestyte). Furthermore, it was a good day for the Dutch players: Lisa Scholtens won well against Yuliia Makarenkova, Heike Verheul won a strong match against Katarzyna Stanczuk with a win, Vitalia Doumesh drew with number three in the rankings, Olena Korotka, and Fleur Kruysmulder shared the points with Marta Bankowska.