PČ 15.kārta


Pēc 15. kārtas ir zināms, ka tomēr par pasaules čempionu kļūs turnīra galvenais favorīts Jans Grunendeiks. Viņš uzvarēja Arnaudu Kordjēru un viņam ir labāks koeficents kā Jurijam Aņikejevam . Pašlaik izskatās, ka būs šāds vietu sadalījums:

1.Jans Grunendeiks 2.Jurijs Aņikejevs 3.Marteins Van Eizendorns 4.Vouters Sipma 5.Artjoms Ivanovs 6. Jitse Slumps 7. Nšo Žoels Atss 8.Guntis Valneris 9.Martins Dolfings 10.Kīss Teisens

Izskatās, ka arī Nīderlandes galvenajam trenerim Rikam Keurentjesam bijusi gandrīz taisnība, ka pirmās četras vietas ieņems Nīderlandes izlases spēletāji, vienīgi Jurijs Aņikejevs un Artjoms Ivanovs ir iemaisījušies šajā sarakstā.

Jurijs Bobkovs iekrita pret Marteinu Van Eizendornu vienkāršā dūrienā.

Savukārt Nšo Žoels Atss uzvarēja nogurušo Ronu Heusdenu.

Nīderlandiešiem atmaksājās pavadītās ilgās stundas trenažieru zālē un skriešanas treniņi, jo izskatās svaigi kā gurķīši.

Arī Nīderlandiešu izlase izmanto īrētu mašīnu, lai nokļūtu uz sacensībām, jo bezmakasas autobuss pilnībā nekursē pēc grafika, kā jau dienvidu valstīs.

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Patience is a virtue: Team-NL triumphs in rounds 14 and 15 of the World Championship

World Cup General
The 14th and 15th rounds were played in one day, so again full of World Cup developments. Round 14 had no fewer than 5 victories, all in favor of the Dutch, who we are of course keeping an extra close eye on.

Jan Groenendijk advances by cleaning Angel Rafael Mejia off the board. And that is not as easy as it seems. Mejia is a tough customer, who, like Yurii Bobkov (see the previous daily report on this site), seems to be important in dividing the podium places. Speaking of Bobkov, in round 14 he had no chance against Wouter Sipma . A beautiful, refined positional victory by Wouter. Martin Dolfing also won again (Lorevil), as did Kees Thijssen (Eisden) and Sven Winkel (back to his average).

A lot happened at N’cho Joel Atse – Martijn van IJzendoorn. After a spectacular settlement in a loaded classic position, the final result was a 7-on-7 that turned out to be a draw. Guntis Valneris and Ron Heusdens also played a nice classic game (1-1-). It was less exciting with Yurii Anikeev and Jitse Slump; Jitse wanted to, but he was unable to increase the tensions now that Anikeev knows he is close to the finish.

Round 15 also became a battlefield. Jan again had a nice classic position and tried to benefit from Cordier’s over-development. Cordier tried to create space through the edge, but Jan had a firm grip on the center. A small breakthrough decided the game in Jan’s favor, although it took a while. With that 4-in-a-row, he closed the gap with Anikeev in no time .

Martijn and Wouter used the same strategy: Putting pressure on the center and the long wing of their opponents (Bobkov and Eisden, respectively). This was a fairly quick success for Wouter; Eisden came to a complete standstill. Martijn had to struggle a little more but with the same result. So there is still every chance to become world champion. Jitse settled against Agata and must have been happy when Agata did not react in the toughest way.

Team-NL 8 out of 4 in this 15th round! So they are still as fit as a fiddle!

Martin put Mejia under heavy center pressure. But all of Mejia’s edge pieces eventually went to the center and after a small settlement there was nothing left, 1-1. Kees ended up in a macro endgame. One more disc, but difficult to make anything of it. That didn’t work either: via a 3-on-1 endgame draw against Lorevil, for whom scoring was no longer possible in the final phase…

Hein made a nice pot of it together with Guntis. After an exciting opening it seemed to level off, but Hein looked for the edges of the board to pin Valneris via the wings. Guntis got some advantage, but Hein did not budge. And there was a nice principled game of attack vs. surrounded by Atse and Ron. Atse emerged as the winner. He will probably think back to his endgame blunder against Cordier at the start of the tournament.

Women’s World Cup
A sensational victory for Darya Tkachenko over Natalia Sadowska. Such a result helps a lot to keep the chances of a new world title alive. Victoriya Motrichko remains in the best position after her win over Fleur Kruysmulder. Just like Petra Duskova, Fleur sits in the corner where the blows fall. We could clap for Lisa Scholtens . Against Olga Baltazhy, Lisa found her way back through her current theoretical knowledge of the 34-30 20-25 30-24×24 opening. Vitalia Doumesh and Katarzyna Stanczuk drew and belong to the middle bracket.