Mans pirmais “skalps”

Autors: Tons Seibrands


Šeit angļu valodā, linkā nīderlandiešu valodā, bet var uzlikt tulkotāju, lai notulko lapu.

Damkunst has its own (bilingual) website since this week: Besides the analyses already published, a brand new contribution can also be found there: Ton Sijbrands analyses his game from 1963 against Henk Beeke.

The diagram position, which could occur in the game Hein Meijer-Anton van Berkel (NK 2014), comes from this analysis. Black can continue with the strong 25…19-23! White now has a big problem, because after 26…23-28! he is strategically outplayed and after 26.37-32 there is a combination in it.

Look for the solution on YouTube:

Or go to the analysis on the site:

So far, seven analyses in Dutch have appeared on Three of them have now been translated into English. The translation of the remaining four analyses is still in progress.

During the Lucas Bols tournament 1961/1962, Ton Sijbrands (l.) won one game after another for the illiterate Baba Sy. Geert van Dijk watches intently. Photo: National Archives