EDC Executive Board Meeting 5/2023 – minutes

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European Draughts Confederation
Founded in Tallinn on 13.08.1998 – Recognized in Trieste on 16.11.2021
Headquarter: Largo Lauro De Bosis n. 15 – 00135 ROME (Italy)
www.europedraughts.org – board@europedraughts.org
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EDC Protocol Number: 156/2023/ Deeds
Date: 20th September, 2023
Executive Board Meeting n. 5 – 2023 of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019
Tallinn, 4th August, 2023
At 21.00, in the presence of Carlo A. Bordini (EDC President – ITA), Johan Demasure (Vice President Vicary and Tournament Director Youth – BEL), Tarmo Tulva (Vice President and Tournament Director, EST), Jan Zioltkowski (Tournament Director Veterans, GER), Uladzislau Splendzer (BLR) elected as members of EDC Board and Rik Keurentjes as Representative of Trainers and Athletes Commission, Magda Pawlowska, Gleb Ushakov and Dario
Ghittoni (EDC Treasurer), at the invitation of the President, the EDC Executive Board Meeting started debating on the points of the following

  1. Opening speech by the President
  2. EDC bank account fund
  3. European Championships 2023
  4. EDC General Assembly 2023 and 25th Anniversary of EDC foundation
  5. Other various and possible evaluations

As for point 1. Opening speech, the EDC President thanked the participants and every Board Member of the 2019-2023 period for the great and involving job carried out during that hard time, achieving almost all the goals set in the EDC Work & management plan for the four years from 2019 to 2023, despite a long hard challenge due to Covid-19.
About point 2. EDC bank account fund the President C. A. Bordini displayed the current figures, clarifying that a great part of money will have to be forwarded to the Estonian Draughts Federation as part of EYC 2023 fees and then it’s reasonable to consider at least 7,000 or 8,000 euros available to withdraw the necessary amount of money for the reimbursements in favour of Board Members’ participations (not refunded by their federations) in Tallinn, but also some money to spend on updating/renewing the website and on other EDC little expenses.
Concerning point 3. European Championships 2023, all Rules and Regulations and agreements are completed and EYC 2023 participations successfully re-established after Covid-19. About the request of NUDF President to help the Ukraine Federation and its youth players, renouncing to their EYC fees concerning the EDC part, everybody agreed to forward the request to the General Assembly on 5th August, for many obvious reasons.
As for point 4. EDC General Assembly 2023 and the 25th Anniversary of EDC foundation President Bordini thanked Tarmo Tulva and all the people of EDF who gave their availability for hosting the GA in Tallinn. The President showed the gadgets set both by EDF and FID concerning shopper bags, water bottles, pens, folders and pennants customized EDC. Another little step to upgrade the role and the image of the EDC. The Vice President
Tulva informed the Executive Board about the special dinner organized for the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of EDC foundation and GA.
Nothing to be discussed in point 5. Other various and possible evaluations In conclusion the matter of the following Board Meeting was faced in the last Board Meeting of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019.
At 10.30 p.m., since there was nothing else to discuss, the President thanked the participants for their time and declared the EB Meeting closed.
The President of the EDC Board