Press Conference in Sambil – venue of coming World Championship

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Press Conference in Sambil – venue of coming World Championship


The 62nd World Championship 10×10 International Draughts comes to Willemstad in 2023!

Willemstad, Curaçao–The Curaçao Draughts Federation’s board convened for a press conference on September 4th, unveiling details of an upcoming historic draughts event set to captivate audiences from September 28th to October 13th, 2023, at the prestigious Sambil Conference Center.

This momentous occasion marks the first World Championship held in Curaçao, with participants from all seven continents who will vie for top honours in this eagerly expected tournament. It’s also a significant return to the region, as it has been 35 years since such an event was hosted in the Americas, with Suriname being the last host in 1988.

mf. Clifton Agata, Chairman of the Curaçao Draughts Federation, emphasized the profound significance of this event, not just for the draughts world, but also for Curaçao itself. He noted this event represents a fusion of Curaçao’s beloved draughts game and its rich cultural heritage, emphasizing that this isn’t a game; it’s a historic moment that will leave an indelible mark on Curaçao. The 62nd World Draughts Championship symbolizes a global celebration of competition, strategy, and camaraderie.

The tournament Supervisor and Chief Referee is ir. Hensley Rondei, leading a team of 12 international referees. Ir. Rondei elaborated on the tournament format and essential rules during the press conference.

Mr. Jean Francisca, President of the Curaçao Sports and Olympic Federation (FDOK), praised mf. Agata and the members of the FDK Board for their unwavering dedication over the past two years, which has culminated in Curaçao hosting this prestigious sporting event.

The event will feature International Grand masters from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, representing their countries and federations. 36 participants, comprising 20 male and 16 female Grand masters. All matches will be broadcast live on the Curaçao Draughts Federation’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, starting at 10 am local time (FEDERASHON DAM KORSOU).

The Curaçao Draughts Federation expressed heartfelt gratitude to all partners who have supported and believed in the growth of draughts in Curaçao, inviting everyone to be a part of this historic chapter in Curaçao’s Draughts Games. A new era has dawned, and the world is invited to witness it.

For all event-related information, please visit the Curaçao Draughts Federation’s social media page – FEDERASHON DAM KÒRSOU.

PHOTO: (Left to Right) Barbara Francisco – OWCS Government Representative, Arthur Johannes–Vice President FDK , Shandra Velder – Secretary FDK, mf Clifton Agata – Chairman FDK and Tournament Director
Oscar Betrian – General Coordination and Protocol, , ir.Hensley Rondei – Chief Referee, Jean Francisca – President FDOK. Below Center: mf Mijail Eisden – World Champion Representative Curaçao,