EDC protokols 108/2021

European Draughts Confederation
EDC Protocol Number: 108/2021/ Deeds
Date: 14th November, 2021
Executive Board Meeting n. 8 – 2021 of the Executive Board elected on 03.08.2019
Chianciano Terme, October 9th
, 2021.
At 23.00, with the presence of Carlo A. Bordini (EDC President – ITA), Johan Demasure (Vice President Vicary- BEL),
Tarmo Tulva (EST), Uladzislau Splendzer (BLR), elected as members of EDC Board, Rik Keurentjes (Trainer member
of EDC Athletes and Trainer Committee), Janek Maggi (former EDC and FMJD President) checked the legal number,
the EDC Executive Board started working with the following
1. Opening speech by the President
2. EDC General Assembly 2021
3. European Championships 2022
4. Other various and possible evaluations
In the opening speech, the EDC President thanked the participants for this extra effort and summarized the good
results of General Assembly treating together also the point 2. EDC General Assembly 2021, with some comment
from all the participants. In particular, the Board, taking the input of GA agreed to renew the Athletes and Trainers
Commission, Rik Keurentjes confirmed as trainer and two players (one man and a women) and to be confirmed
during the next Board Meeting the other two members, Guntis Valneris (LAT) and Tamara Tansikkuzhina (RUS).
Then point 3. European Championships 2022 has been examined.
The European Championship Youth will be held, as usual, from 1st to 8th August, 2022, in a place not yet
The European Championship Veterans 2022 will be scheduled in October or November, with the possibility to
hold it in Italy.
The European Championships Men and Women, Classic, Rapid and Blitz, are also in the plans of EDC but there is
not yet a place to assign them. The period will be settled up based on the incoming requests and according to the
international agenda.
European Checkers Championships may be organize in May, in Italy, in agreement with the WCDF of which the
EDC President is also the Vice President.
The EDC will write to national federationsto ask their application to organize the championships planned on 2022.
Then point 4. Other various and possible evaluations was discussed during the EDC Executive Board, and
considering the request of Ingrida Drukteynite to leave the charge of Vice President, the Board entitled Tarmo
Tulva to replace the charge of second Vice President left from Ingrida Drukteinyte. The board expressed gratitude
for Ingrida’s work in these years.
At the 00.45, since there was nothing else to discuss, the President thanked the participants for their time, and
closed the EB Meeting.
The President of the EDC Board
Carlo A. Bordini