Vācijas čempionāts 100 lauciņu dambretē 2024


1.Igors Čartorijskis DE 16 p.

2.Rafaels Zdorovjaks DE 13 p.

3.Danilo Sokolovs UA12 p.

Turnīra tabula.

Fully concentrated: When playing Checkers 100, the most important thing is to plan moves well in advance. Since Wednesday, some of the best German checkers players have been competing against each other in the Korbacher Bürgerhaus. © Philipp Daum
Chief organizer: Jan Zioltkowski (right) has once again organized a top tournament in Korbach this year. Here he is currently playing against Clemens Crucius. © Philipp Daum
Vienīgā sieviete: čempione Lidija Frīzena.