PČ 12. kārta


Jurijs Aņikejevs joprojām vadībā. Jitse Slumps nospēlēja neizšķirti ar Angelu Rafaelu Mejia, tā kā īsti vairs uz pirmo vietu pretendēt vairs nevar. Guntis Valneris pagaidām ir otrajā vietā.

Savukārt Viktorija Motričko turpina uzvarēt un ir pārliecinoši nostiprinājusies pirmajā vietā. Otrajā vietā Darja Tkačenko.

Info: KNDF

Today it was up to Hein Meijer to stop Yurii Anikeev in his hunt for the world title. Hein played a strong opening and entered the middle game with a nice position. Anikeev managed to neutralize Hein’s initiative and is one step closer to his goal.

Two Dutchmen had success: Jan Groenendijk won on technique against Mijail Eisden and Ron Heusdens defeated Clifton Agata. Further draws. Jitse Slump will experience his draw against Angel Rafael Mejia as a disappointment. A podium place is certainly still within reach for Jitse. And Martin Dolfing will also have hoped for more against Yurii Bobkov. So Martin is still waiting for his first win (or loss).

Quickly on to the women. Always a lot of decisions. Unfortunately, the games of Lisa Scholtens, Heike Verheul and Fleur Kruysmulder were not among them. Although Lisa’s draw against Natalia Sadowska, her clubmate at Hoogeveen, is of course an excellent result. Vitalia Doumesh did make an unintentional contribution; she lost to Viktoriya Motrichko. Darya Tkachenko and Olena Korotka follow Motrichko after winning at the same appropriate distance as at the start of the round, 3 points.