Nīderlandieši rēķina


Šodien ir spēļu brīvdiena. Bet viegli pamanīt, ka pasaules čempionāta izspēļu kārtība ir izveidota tā, lai vispirms nīderlandieši izspēlētu savā starpā un pēc tam spēlētu ar pārējiem. Arī tabulā ir iezīmējusies Līderu grupa no pārējās pasaules, kurā ir arī Guntis Valneris un pastarīšu grupa. Tad nīderlandieši rēķina, ka ir nepieciešamas visas uzvaras pret šo pastarīšu grupu, Jurijs Bobkovs un Angels Rafaels Mejia būs tie, kurus vai nu izdosies uzvarēt vai būs neizšķirts. Pret pārējiem līderiem esot jānospēlē neizšķirti. Laiks redzēs vai šī shēma, kas droši vien ar nīderlandiešu palīdzību tika īstenota realizēsies dzīvē.

Tā izsakās viens no nīderlandiešu faniem:

Eric Van Dusseldorp

The standings in the World Championship are a bit difficult to interpret. Not only because the players did not play the same number of games (6 or 7) but especially because of the difference in opponents.

Anikeev is proudly at the top, but he has already consumed the firewood bonus, in the Dutch language: brandhoutbonus (4-8!). By the way, of the four players I’m talking about, Mejia is still quite strong. It seems to me that Bobkov, Winkel and Mejia will make the difference between the title candidates. In addition, a big boy will be caught here and there.

Valneris has only scored 6 out of 4 against the islanders and that is not enough, especially since quite a few players can reach 8 out of 4 against the tired draughts players.

Actually, Martijn van IJzendoorn and Kees Thijssen are in the best position, because they both took a ‘big boy’ and are still owed the entire firewood bonus. But Jan Groenendijk and of course leader Yuri Anikeev are also still in the race. And perhaps to a lesser extent also Artem Ivanov and Jitse Slump.

We will see.

Info: KNDF

The World Cup has now reached its first rest day after 7 rounds (6 for women) . Everyone is ready for that, because yesterday was a turbulent day on Curaçao.

The news that Ndiaga Samb had to withdraw for health reasons will have come as a shock to the organizers and followers. And perhaps also with Jitse Slump, who had won so beautifully against Samb, but is no longer of any use. We wish Samba a speedy recovery! N’cho Joel Atse’s participation was also uncertain, but fortunately he can continue the tournament.

Also a major setback for Arnaud Cordier. The Frenchman was in good shape after his victories over Atse and Agata, but miraculously lost a plus endgame against Carlos Lorevil in round six (a clock defeat). We will know at the end of the tournament how costly this misstep will prove to be.

In any case, Cordier is no longer the leader: Yurii Anikeev made mincemeat of Angel Rafael Mejia and Mijail Eisden and is proudly in the lead with +4. It is up to the Dutch to find him and defeat him. But will that work? So far, the mutual skirmishes have led to +1 scores for Martijn van IJzendoorn, Kees Thijssen, Jitse Slump and Jan Groenendijk. This puts them just behind the +2 score of Yurii Bobkov, Guntis Valneris and Artem Ivanov.

The KNDB LinkedIn page contains a poll in which you can give your assessment of who has the greatest chance of becoming world champion.

In the women’s section, there were also setbacks for some Dutch players: Lisa Scholtens was doing so well in the tournament, she also surrounded Vitalia Doumesh to the abyss, but just like AC, she just passed the flag: a hard zero. Vitalia fortunately repaired the mistake she made the day before. And Fleur Kruysmulder ‘gave’ Galina Petukhova her first point; she played patiently and that is often a good thing, but maybe it was a little too patient. An important victory over Myja Plestyte in the afternoon round.

Heike Verheul secretly sneaks to the top spots. With a win over Myja Plestyte and a draw against Lisa Scholtens, Heike, together with Fleur and Olena Korotka, suddenly becomes one of the biggest threats to Viktoriya Motrichko , who is still in pole position. Behind them, among others, Natalia Sadowska. She took her first victory of the tournament, Vitalia was the victim.