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22.septembrī FMJD izludināja FMJD spēlētāju komitejas iebalsošanu. Pirms tam līdz 15.septembrim pieteicās 8 kandidāti: Aleksejs Domčevs, Marta Bankovska, Tomijs Luciens Mbongo, Žans Marks Ndjofangs, Kristiāns Niamī, Natālija Sadovska, Jakovs Šauss un Kataržina Stančuka. Balsošana notiks līdz 9. oktobrim. Par kandidātiem balsos nacionālās dambretes federācijas.

Announcement on voting procedure of members of the FMJD Players Committee

Executive Council of the FMJD has decided at its meeting of 7th August 2023 to commence electoral procedure to nominate members of the Players Committee. On the Executive Council meeting of 4th September 2023 Electoral Committee has been appointed which includes Vaidas Stasytis – Chairman of the FMJD Ethics Committee, Jan Zioltkowski – Chairman of the FMJD Financial Committee and Michael Shabshai – member of the FMJD Ethics Committee.
According to the Article 3.1 of the FMJD Players Committee Internal rules the Committee should have five to seven members. Internal rules also set out that both sexes should be represented within the FMJD Players Committee and six members are the consequence of election, with at least two women. One member will be nominated by the FMJD Executive Council.
Applications for eight potential candidates who meet requirements of the FMJD Players Committee Internal rules have been received within a deadline (15th September). In the attachment to this announcement on voting procedure you will find a voting form where these eight candidates are listed.
By this announcement voting procedure starts in conformity with Articles 4.5 and 4.6 of the FMJD Players Committee Internal rules. All national federations are kindly invited to participate in the voting procedure and to submit filled-in and signed voting forms as an Acrobat Reader of JPG format document until 9th October 2023. Voting forms should be signed by the President of the respective national draughts federation and sent to Secretary General (, FMJD office ( and members of the Electoral Committee ( Each national federation is invited to vote for six potential candidates, by marking choice at the respective column (yes) of table included in the voting form. Those six players, including two women, who will receive most votes will be considered elected. We look very much forward for your active participation!

Vladislavs Vesperis
Acting Secretary General of the FMJD
In the attachment: