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FMJD Relocates to Lausanne, Appoints New Treasurer and Tournament Director Youth, and Announces Changes in Statute and Internal Regulations

– FMJD moves its headquarters to Lausanne, Switzerland
– Yana Kuzniets appointed as the new Treasurer
– Magda Pawlowska takes on the role of Tournament Director Youth
– Ethics Committee gains five new members
– Four new members join the FMJD

In a significant development for the world of draughts, the Fédération Mondiale du Jeu de Dames (FMJD) announced that it has relocated its headquarters to Lausanne, Switzerland. The move is seen as an important step in the organization’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its position and visibility in the world of international sports.

The FMJD has also announced key changes in its leadership, with the appointment of Yana Kuzniets from Israel as the new Treasurer, and Magda Pawlowska from Poland as the new Tournament Director Youth. Both appointments are expected to bring fresh ideas and energy to the organization as it continues to expand and evolve.

In addition to the leadership changes, the FMJD has introduced a new Ethics Committee, comprised of five members. The formation of this committee is aimed at reinforcing the organization’s commitment to fair play, integrity, and transparency in the sport of draughts.

The FMJD General Assembly has also approved a number of changes to its statutes and internal regulations. These changes will modernize the organization’s structure and operations, allowing it to better serve its members and the sport as a whole. The specifics of these changes are expected to be detailed in the forthcoming full protocol.

Lastly, the FMJD welcomes four new members to the organization, further expanding its global reach and influence in the draughts community. This growth is a testament to the sport’s increasing popularity and the continued success of the FMJD in promoting and developing the game worldwide.

More details about the FMJD’s recent changes and announcements will be provided once the full protocol is released. Stay tuned for more information.