FMJD pasaules kausa posms Riga Open 2023

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Šogad dalības maksa ir divas reizes lielāka kā pagājušo gadu – 100 Eur līdz 31.maijam. Pēc 31.maija  – 120 Eur. Līdz 18 gadu vecumam 20 % atlaide.

Dear draughts friends,

Please find the attached Rules and Regulations of FMJD World Cup Riga Open 2023.

The tournament will take place in Riga, Latvia from the 2th to 8th of July 2023.

10. Contacts
Applications for the tournament, including notification on payment of participation fee and hotel room reservation must be submitted to the Tournament Director Mr. Jevgeņijs Matvejevs by May 31, 2023, e-mail:
Questions about registration can also be directed to Mr. Jevgeņijs Matvejevs.
Main Referee: (FMJD category) – Mr. Raivis Paegle, tel. (+371) 26438871,
Questions about visas can be directed to Mr. Vladislavs Vesperis, tel. (+371) 26344090,

Please inform your players!

With kind regards,
Vitalia Doumesh, FMJD Office manager

R&R Riga open 2023