Es dzīvoju, es izdarīju visu, ko varēju…. 2.daļa


Autors Jevgenijs Kondračenko.

Jevgenijs raksta par spēlēm portālā. Viņš spēlējot ir pavadījis 12 gadus vai 4424 dienas, vai 4254 stundas pie datora !!!!! 

Protams, tāda spēlēšana ir pielikusi pārdesmit kg pie ķermeņa masas.

On a warm day on September 11, 2021, a permanent resident of the gaming portal under the nickname “Angler” (he is the last romantic draftsman Evgeny Kondrachenko ) won his 1000th victory and once again announced the suspension of his gaming career on the Internet.

For 12 years , or, more precisely, 4424 days, or, more precisely, 4254 hours, this epic lasted – some did not sit in prison as much as I had to give to Gambler.

The harsh statistics say that in total I played 51275 games , of which wins: 29380 (57.3%), draws: 13519 (26.37%), defeats: 8376 (16.33%).

During these 12 years, the Gambler administration held about 18.8 thousand tournaments, but I had a chance to take part “only” in 2804 of them, while 1574 times (56%) I was in the top three, including occupying: 3rd places – 127 times, 2nd place – 447 times, 1st place – 1000 times.

1000 first places in Russian drafts tournaments is an absolute record in the entire history of Gambler.

According to my information, the closest pursuer – master S. Sadovsky – took first places “only” 610 times in 13 years.

It should be noted that at the moment there is no salvation on the portal from well-known proponents and suspicious anonymous authors, in addition, over the past year, competition has grown strongly in the face of “young wolves” F. Shepel , N. Slavyanov , R. Shchukin , so the last fifty victories were given to me harder than the previous 950.

The full history of Angler’s tournaments can be found here .

As a legionnaire and scorer in the teams “Knights of Thought”, “Combinators” and “Irbis” / “Moscow Golden-Domed” I received virtual 11 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals from Gambler’s administrators for my work , and I can’t even count chocolate … ))


MUTUAL ACCOUNTS Evgeny Kondrachenko with the main players of Gambler as of September 11, 2021.


Based on the results of the 51275 games played over the past 12 years on Gambler, I managed to create over the board or open in the subsequent analysis about 200 original games and fragments with beautiful ideas, here are the recent ones:

Diagram 1

E. Kondrachenko – A. Tsynov , 2021

a1d4 f6e5 1.d: f6 g: e5 2.ef4 ba5 3.fe3 cb6 4.gh4 e: g3 5.h: f2 hg7 6.hg3 gf6 7.cd4 de5 8.bc3 hg5 9.gh4 .

The game contained 9… ed6 !, but 9… fg7? 10.ef4 was prepared e: g3 11.cb4 !! a: e5 12.gh2! X – see diagram.

Diagram 2

A. Norvaishas – E. Kondrachenko , 2021

g3a5 a7e5 1.ed4 hg5 2.ab4 gf4 3.de3 f: d2 4.c: e3 gh6 5.fg3 hg5! – see diagram.

Surprisingly, the seasoned wolf fell into a simple trap: 6.gf4 ?? e: g3 7.h: h6 bc5! 8.d: b6 fg5 9.h: f4 de5 10.f: d6 e: g5 X

Diagram 3

R. Shchukin – E. Kondrachenko , 2021

1.ab4 de5 2.ed4 hg5 3.ba5 ed6 4.gh4 gh6 5.de3 ef4! 6.ed2? And here is the gap in the knowledge of the young checkers terminator. 6… de5! 7.fg3 fe7 8.ba3 cd6 9.a: c7 d: b6 10.ab4 bc5 11.d: b6 a: a3 12.ed4 bc7 13.dc5 d: b4 14.c: a5 ed6 15.dc3 dc5 16. gf2 cb4 17.cd4 e: c3 18.g: g7 h: f6 19.hg3 cd6 20.ab6 – see the diagram.

20… cd2! 21.c: e3 dc5 22.b: d4 bc3 23.d: b2 a: h2 X

Diagram 4

E. Kondrachenko – R. Khudoinazarov , 2021

g3h4 g7a5 1.hg3 bc5 2.gf4 fe5 3.fg3 ed4 4.c: e5 hg5 5.f: h6 d: h2 6.bc3 cd6 ?! 7.ef4! cb4 8.a: c5 d: b4 9.ab2 ba3 10.cd4 ab6 11.bc3 bc5 12.d: b6 a: c7 13.de3 cb6 14.ed2 bc7 15.ed4 cd6 16.de3 ef6 17.cd2 dc5 – see diagram. An interesting deceptive position.

18.fg5! de7 19.cb4 ab2? (Equalizing the blow 19… ed6! 20.g: e7 ba5 21.d: b6 a: e1 22.e: c5 ab2 23.gf2! =) 20.b: d6 e: c5 21.g: e7 f: d6 22 .dc3! Surprise! 22… bc1 (22… ba1 23.ef4! Cg5 24.hf6 X) 23. hg5 c: f4 24. g: e3 ba5 25. d: b6 a: c7 26. ef4 cb6 27. fg5 ba5 28. gf6 dc5 29 .fe7 cb4 30.ed8 b: d2 31.hg7 X

Diagram 5

F. Verbuk – E. Kondrachenko , 2020

1.gf4 de5 2.f: d6 c: e5 3.hg3 fg5 4.cd4 e: c3 5.b: d4 ba5 6.ab2 gf6 7.dc3 ?! ed6! 8.gf4 (Trap at 8.cd2 de5 9.ab4? Gf4! 10.e: e7 f: d6 11.d: f6 de7 12.f: d8 bc7 X) 8… dc7 9.cd2 de5 10.f: d6 c: e5 11.fg3? ab4 !! Idea by ZI Tsirik, 1950. 12.a: c5 gf4 13.e: e7 f: b4 14.d: f6 ba3 X – see diagram.

Diagram 6

F. Shepel – E. Kondrachenko , 2021

1.gf4 fe5 2.hg3 gf6 3.ed4 bc5 4.d: b6 a: c5 5.de3 hg7 6.cd2! hg5! 7.f: h6 ed4 8.c: e5 d: h2 9.dc3 ed6 Position in the style of “who will dance whom” 10.ed4 c: e3 11.f: d4 de5! 12.ef2 ef4 13.ab4 fg5 14.fg3? – see diagram.

14… cb6 !! 15.g: e5 bc5! Fresh motive 16.b: d6 de7 17.h: f4 e: g5 18.cd4 gh4 19.dc5 hg3 20.bc3? (20.cd6! =) 20… gf2 21.g: e3 hg1 22.cd4 bc7? = , and 22… gh2! 23.cd6 hg3 24.ef4 gh2 25.ab2 gf6 X or 25.fg5 hg1 X

Diagram 7

E. Kondrachenko – A. Kunitsa , 2021

h2a5 h8h2 1.gh4 fe5 2.cd4 e: c3 3.b: d4 gf6 4.dc5 d: b4 5.a: c3 ba5 6.ab2 cb6 7.ed4! bc5 8.d: b6 a: c7 9.ab4 ed6 10.de3 fe7 11.cd2 cb6? – see diagram.

12.fg3! h: f4 13.e: g5 h: f4 14.de3 f: d2 15.ba5 d: b4 16.a: g7 ba3 17.bc3 ab6 18.gf8 X

Diagram 8

E. Kondrachenko – Y. Kirillov , 2021

1.ef4 fg5 2.de3 gf6 3.gh4 ba5 4.hg3 ab6 5.cd4 de5 ?! 6.f: d6 e: c5 7.gf4 cd6 8.bc3 fe5 9.d: f6 g: e7 10.cd4 ef6 11.cb2! de7? – see diagram.

12.de5 !! f: d4 13.ab4! We can only regret that the idea was discovered earlier by the master M. Korotkin. 13… a: c3 14.fg3 d: f2 15.b: d4 c: g5 16.h: a5 f: h4 17.ef2! de5 18.ae1 . The game contained 18… hg7 19.fg3 X, but 18… ef4 19.fe3 f: d2 20.e: c3! fg7 21.cd2! hg3 22.de1 X